About Alie Design International Inc.
Alie Design International Inc. (ADI) is an environmental, architectural planning, and environmental design firm.  It is a California registered corporation.  It was originally established in late 1970’s.  Over the years, ADI has earned the reputation of being highly a respected innovative design & planning companies in the field. 

ADI’s scope of work includes the development of initial master plans, landscape, architectural, and interior design.  The highly creative planning and design team at ADI provides the turnkey solutions that create projects that are sustainable, functional, socially & economically viable, and aesthetically pleasing. 

ADI provides comprehensive planning and design services for the following types of projects:

        • Residential and mixed-use development projects 
        • Hospitality projects including hotels, resorts, clubhouses, and spa facilities
        • Senior citizen housing and assisted living facilities
        • High-end single family residences

As an innovative design firm, ADI has a unique perspective on how people really live, work, and relax.  ADI approaches projects with the goal of providing functionality, flexibility, ambiance, and comfort.  

Sustainability and lowering carbon footprints are strong elements in the design solutions of ADI’s projects. Influenced by ancient Chinese philosophy coupled with Western scientific disciplines, ADI considers the compatibility of the natural and man-made elements of each project.  

ADI pays special attention to the selection of local and appropriate building materials, interior finishes, furniture, and accessories.  ADI considers high performance and low maintenance important.  ADI’s projects not only surpass all code requirements, public safety, security, and health considerations, while achieving highly pleasing aesthetics. (Go to link - www.usgbc.org)  

ADI has orchestrated numerous high profile commercial and residential projects, both in the USA and internationally.  These outstanding design projects have earned the company honors in California, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, and abroad.  
Alie Chang and ADI have been featured in US and international major design and lifestyle publications.  This coverage includes extensive articles, reports and TV media coverage.  

ADI and an affiliated company produced a TV series about design called “The Art of Living,” which was broadcasted on selected stations on Time Warner Cable TV.  The Chinese version of this program has been featured on Beijing TV and CCTV to tens of millions viewers weekly in the 2000s.  

ADI has affiliated with Building Optimizing Technologies Inc. It specializes in sustainability and the breakthrough building technologies.  These construction technologies not only save costs and construction time, they also build stronger, safer, and more sustainable structures. 
William B Chang
The ADI Team
Senior Advisory Board