Alie Chang Residence
Alie Chang's home is a multi-level, hillside residence in close proximity to the Santa Monica beach.  The area has a mild, Mediterranean micro-climate and welcome ocean breezes.  Though located within the city, the home serves as a retreat from busy urban activities.

The renovation of the building included a complete structural redesign, and an exterior and interior renovation. The house is designed to offer ever changing views.  Indoor/outdoor design layout expresses of easy California living. Skylights above atriums allow natural light to filter down into the entire house. A waterfall, fountain and rock grotto add charm to a unique environment. 

Each level of the house has its own access to outdoor gardens. The koi pond, terraces, balconies, patios, and garden courtyards provide this home with a feeling of tranquility.   

This contemporary home showcases Alie Chang's and her family's artwork and collections gathered during their world travels. The house's interior projects an eclectic and casually elegant ambiance.  

This unique home has been published as the feature article in House Beautiful, Home Journal, World Architecture, Contemporary Design, and other major design magazines.  This home has also been published in books:  Architects & Designers At Home & At Work, Empowered Spaces, and other coffee table design books.