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The Hagman’s at Home

House & Garden magazine features “the best in international design and decoration.” It is published monthly by the Conde Nast Publications. A past cover story of House & Garden featured Larry Hagman’s Malibu home designed by Alie Chang and her design studio Alie Design Inc.

Larry Hagman is a well know actor and director. His portrayal of J. R. Ewing, the villainous oil baron on the TV series, Dallas, has fascinated television viewers for years. “In 1999 - 2000’s TV Guide ranked him number 11 on its "50 Greatest TV Characters of All Time" list.” 

Larry Hagman wanted a home that would be aesthetically pleasing and provide them with a carefree, low maintenance lifestyle. Alie Chang designed Hagman’s Malibu Beach residence with unique design characters and sustainable. Using natural and local building materials Ms. Chang’s layout lets ocean air and sunshine fill the house.  

Alie Chang created a home that is elegant, fun, and low-maintenance. This home allows the Hagmans to enjoy their carefree lifestyle on Malibu Beach in unique style. 
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