Empowered Spaces                 Architects & Designers - at Home and at Work 
Empowered Spaces - Architects & Designers at home and at Work

by Carol Soucek King Ph.D.

Published by PBC International, Inc.

"Empowered Spaces presents the homes and offices of sixty architects and interior designers selected from the United States and abroad.  To them, the environments they have created for themselves are in many respects indistinguishable from their own personal and professional identities.  And through them,  it becomes clear that there are as many interpretations of good design as there are designers.  However, there is one common thread running throughout everything they say and practice: the belief that good design not only enlivens space and makes it work,  but also makes a statement regarding how these professional wish to influence, and contribute to, good design."

The second addition of Empowered Spaces was published two years later and was named; at Home and at Work, Architects' and Designers' Empowered Spaces