EuroLand Real Estate & Amusement Park Development 
EuroLand, an amusement park and real estate project is to develop approximately 211 Hectares (521 acres) of property located 3 KM from the city boundary of Budapest, Hungary and 10 KM from the center of the city. This development project is located directly within the autobahn triangle of Budapest and it is only a two-hour drive by car from Vienna, Austria.

EuroLand will foster a climate of understanding of the ties that bind European communities and the world together. It will provide the characteristics that define each culture as a unique entity joined together to function as one. It is to conserve, maintain and showcase the traditions, values and versatility that are the cultural heritage of Hungarian people.

It is an over one billion US dollar development.  

This real estate development project will include the following activity centers:

  • Amusement park  
  • Railway station 
  • Amphitheater
  • Shopping mall 
  • Supporting facilities 
  • Two high-rise office buildings 
  • Parking facilities for 9,700 cars and 220 buses
  • 5-star hotel, tower with rotating restaurant 
  • Two 3-star hotels 
  • Conference center
  • 18-hole golf course & club house
  • Cinema and 3D theater