Dr. March Fong Eu, a third-generation Californian born in the small Central Valley community of Oakdale, Dr. Eu has always been the type of person who wanted to change the world - to break down barriers, open pathways to new opportunities, and ensure fair treatment for all. She received a Bachelor's degree from the University of California at Berkeley, a Master's degree from Mills College, and a Doctorate of Education from Stanford University. She taught and served as an educational consultant in the Oakland Public Schools, Alameda and Santa Clara County schools, at Mills College, and was a division chair at the University of California at San Francisco. 

After serving three terms with the Alameda County Board of Education she won election to represent Oakland and parts of Castro Valley in the California State Assembly, becoming the first Asian-American, woman to serve in that body and one of only three women serving in the Legislature. 

In 1974, she was elected by a record-setting three million votes as California's first woman Secretary of State and first Asian-American in statewide office. As Secretary of State, in addition to the many duties of her office, she sponsoring the creation of the California State World Trade Commission and serving as its first Chair. She continues actively to promote commercial interests, recognizing that increasing exports from California creates more jobs for Californians. 

In 1994, Dr. Eu accepted President Clinton's appointment as the United States Ambassador to the Federated States of Micronesia where she worked to promote cultural understanding, a pursuit to which she has dedicated much of her public life. She returned to California in 1996 where she has continued her efforts to promote California trade, encourage participation in the political process and fight for equal opportunity for all. 

An accomplished artist, she makes her home in Fullerton, California. 

Senior Advisor

The United States Ambassador
State of California Member of Advisory Board