Mecom Residence - River Oaks, Houston, Texas
John Mecom Jr. is an oil millionaire and the Mecom family was once recognized as the world’s second largest independent oil driller. Mr. Mecom was the former owner of the New Orleans Saints football team and he was also the former owner the Warwick Hotel chain.

Mecom’s majestic French Normandy style home is located in River Oaks, a premium residential section of Houston, Texas.

Alie Design Inc. was responsible for the addition, renovation and the overall architectural addition and landscape design of this estate. The rooms of the residence were designed for functionality, ambiance and were sized with specific antiques and art objects in mind. Additional furnishings and architectural details were designed and custom made to order with Alie Chang’s direction in her own workshop to compliment the overall design scheme. The result was a livable home filled with art treasures from around the world: As result, it is a livable museum that can be enjoyed with a contemporary lifestyle.

Amenities included a dramatic Art Nouveau style entrance hall, a ballroom, a spa retreat, an underground grotto and a greenhouse conservatory. Site features included man-made lakes, a sunken tennis court, a guest house and a putting green. This house showcases the Mecom family’s two generations and over 50-year collection of rare antiques and wood carved paneling from a European palace.2