Mendelsohn Residence - Santa Monica, CA
A successful investment adviser, Mendelsohn had a dream that one day he could devote his time and energy to assist young musicians to study classical music. He believed he could accomplish this by employing the highly creative designer, Alie Chang. Mendelsohn thought, if Alie could design his new family home in a way allowing it to be converted into a chamber music performance hall, he could gather his friends and music patrons to enjoy music and assist him in the charitable work of providing scholarships to deserving classical music students.  

With this task in mind, Alie Chang designed a home on a standard Santa Monica city lot, 50 feet wide by 150 feet deep. She worked in all the needs of a family with two teenage boys and plus the acoustic requirements of a mini concert hall, which was no small task. But then, Alie Chang is not your average designer. Her innovative ideas and usual solutions to difficult circumstances are part of her reputation of being an outstanding planner. 

When Mendelsohn’s first concert took place in the space provided, the sound effect was so exquisite that the musicians who performed had tears in their eyes and proclaimed that they have never heard their own music in the real sense until they played in Mendelsohn’s place. Word gets around so 169 radio stations now broadcast the Mendelsohn concerts live. Concerts are digitally recorded as musicians play their most special pieces. This residence made Mendelsohn’s dream come true.