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Behind the Scenes of Playboy Mansion: 

Teaser to the Dream Home Tour of the Playboy Mansion. In this episode, Alie takes us inside one of the world’s most famous houses and chats with the owner Mr. Hugh Heffner. Alie worked as a design consultant for a number of years on the renovations and additions to this unique property.
Ramirez Canyon Park 
Former Residence of Barbara Streisand:  
We take a look at the stunning estate and former home of Barbara Streisand now known as Ramirez Canyon Park located in Malibu Canyon. The estate consists of 22 acres of lush vegetation, streams and bridges, and features a main residence and 4 guesthouses.
Alie Chang's Courtyard and Highlights

The Alie House enjoys a true Mediterranean micro climate and ocean breeze. 

In the Entrance Courtyard sunlight filters through mature trees and ferns. The lion head fountain and the hand painted murals adds a sense of depth and fantasy.
Enticing Dining Room  

Gathering together for meals is one of society's oldest and most pleasurable rituals. Alie Chang discusses some important considerations in creating a special dining area that provides an aesthetically pleasing environment to share with family and friends.

Faux Painting Made Easy by Alie Chang:    
Alie Chang shows how to sponge paint a wall to create an interesting look and add character to any room. This is a wonderful way to express individual creativity, and it's fun!

Functional Art:   

Furniture can be fun, interesting, and esthetically stimulating while serving its functional purpose around our living spaces. Here we see how furniture can actually be a work of art.
TV Producer Glen Larson’s Inspiring Home   

This residence is designed to inspire creativity for its owner, Mr. Glen Larson producer of Battlestar Galactic, Magnum P.I., Knight Rider, and many other successful long running TV shows. We will take a peek inside the home of one of the most prolific writers and producers in American television today.
Alie Chang Speaking at NATPE: 

The National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE), major yearly convention in Las Vegas. Alie Chang spoke on the topic of  "Emerging Entertainment and Media Markets China".
​Panda Alie Chang at the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Center   

Alie Chang visits the famous Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding Center. She holds a 40 kilo (88 pound) giant baby panda on her lap.
Women's World Excellence Awards 
Alie Chang - Gold Award Winner

Ms. Chang was the only award recipient that is living and working abroad in the United States.  The Women's World Excellence Awards honors Alie Chang's for her out-  standing achievements in environmental design and her example to women in China and worldwide.             Beijing, China 2006
​E2 Home 

We take a look at how cutting edge technologies could be used in the home to change and improve our lives. E2 Home technologies focus on enhancing quality time, security, convenience, simplicity, communication, information, and adding fun to everyday life.
Microsoft Smart Home

As technology progresses in every aspect of our everyday lives, our home environment is catching up with the latest internet and other electronic inventions. Alie Chang shows us how Microsoft envisions a futuristic "smart-home."

Alie Chang Speaking at NAHB Conference in Shanghai:  

Highlights from The American National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the single largest professional organization in the US, conference in Shanghai, China. The conference, featuring Alie Chang, speaking "how to do business in China".
Home of Guitarist Liona Boyd

Tour of the home of the first lady of guitar, Liona Boyd, known for her beautiful classical guitar music. After touring around the world she retreats to her Beverly Hills home. Alie will take us behind the scenes to view her lovely home and personal decorative touches.
Working With Color by Alie Chang:
Alie Chang is joined by color consultant Edy Rose to discuss the relationship between color and light, and the strong visual impact color makes in our environment